Past Projects

Su Taung Paye Monastery and Orphanage

su-taung-pyaeSu Taung Paye is a Buddhist monaster in a village near Yangon (Rangoon) with a school that cares for over 700 children on site. In addition, the orphanage supports another 500 local children from the community with education and daily meals. The monastery has faced many challenges in the last few years including the loss of their primary food source, and lack of adequate healthcare for the orphans. Medicine and Beyond responded to these needs by partnering with local people to purchase a 50 acre rice field and a tractor for the monastery. The rice field began to produce 3 crops per year with a variety of foods cultivated.

Medical Clinic

image1To provide healthcare for the Su Taung orphans, Medicine and Beyond assisted in creating a small medical clinic stocked with medical supplies in a building on the property. From 2014- 2017, Medicine and Beyond partnered with a local doctor, Dr. May Zaw, for part-time staffing of the medical clinic in order to provide both preventative and acute care for the children. Dr. Zaw is dual trained in both primary care medicine and psychology, and provided comprehensive support in treating the whole person. 


Healthcare Education

Many physicians in Myanmar (Buma) lack access to updated medical information. Medicine and beyond responded to this need by providing the following: Textbooks, journals, lectures, computers, grants, internet based learning, teaching, videos, and conferences. The Medicine and beyond team has provided both lectures and one to one training in clinics to over 500 local Burmese Physicians over the past decade. Through this engagement, our team has endeavored to empower, and improve the skills and confidence of local healthcare providers to provide more comprehensive care to their patients for long term impact on the medical system in Myanmar (Burma).

Family Practice Medicine

Medicine and Beyond supports the establishment of Family Medicine as a specialty within the Burmese healthcare system. We have assisted others in training local medical professionals in an initiative to develop faculty members for a planned Family Medicine program. We have seen this as a cornerstone of more effective and functional third world healthcare system in Myanmar (Burma).

Other Initiatives

Medicine and Beyond has championed English language training for the Su Taung orphans, to elevate and improve opportunities for a better life, and give a more equal opportunity for success.

In addition, Medicine and Beyond has pursued opportunities to improve healthcare in Myanmar (Burma) in the areas of cancer Care training, palliative care, and hospice care. We have worked with a coalition of interested organizations and individuals to provide training and support in these areas. 

We are now looking for new opportunities, and our next steps, in support of our goal to help empower the Burmese people to reach their fullest potential.