Our Philosophy

We are acutely aware of the risk of well meaning attempts to give short term assistance that can be detrimental in the long run. Therefore, we have strived for more than a decade to empower Burmese medical professionals, working with motivated Burmese citizens on achievable, smaller scale projects with meaningful impact. We have completed several initiatives in this mission, and are now looking for new opportunities, and our next steps, in support of our goal to help empower the Burmese people to reach their fullest potential.


Who we are

Medicine and Beyond is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in Myanmar (Burma) through a focus on healthcare, education and economic development. Our journey in helping the Burmese people began in 2003, when we decided to turn an interest in international travel experiences to a lifelong mission in helping those most in need in the developing world. Myanmar (Burma) was ranked last in world in healthcare systems by the World Healthcare Organization in their most recent survey (2000), and we decided to go there to make a difference.

We have worked for many years within the existing healthcare system by assisting providers with educational and training needs to improve the quality of care provided. Beyond medicine, we have supported local projects with a focus on education and economic development. 

We are primarily a non-political group of individuals, all volunteers, including healthcare and business professionals. What unites the group is a passion for the Burmese people and their journey.